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1. What kind of services does NISA Staffing offer?

NISA Staffing offers a full range of services designed to optimize our client partners’ staffing spend. From headcount evaluation turnover analysis, safety reviews and efficiency improvement plans to traditional temporary and contract staffing, recruiting and placement, outsourcing, and human resource consulting..


2. Does your company offer extra services outside of hiring?

Yes, our full-service capabilities also include Human Resources Management, Payroll Management, Time and Attendance Systems and Business Consulting.


3. Do you have an on-call system?

We work around the clock! We provide on-call customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our program is designed to assist our clients with after-hours, last minute employer needs. Trained and dedicated team members are always available to respond to your request.

4. What safety value does Nisa Staffing provide to me and my company?

We measure the value of our services in part by our ability to provide quality employees that generate an ROI with safety  conscious performance. By working together all employees will be properly vetted and oriented on the appropriate safety requirements. Our commitment to creating safety partnerships with our clients not only reduces injuries but assures OSHA compliance. Our in-house Risk Management team can assist you in developing, implementing and enforcing effective safety policies.


5. Do you offer drug testing/criminal background tests?

Yes, we do perform these services upon the client’s request.


Contact Us

You have questions. We have answers.

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1. Will my criminal background influence my application?

NISA Staffing is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all interested applicants to apply to all positions that they may have interest in. Based on some of our client’s requirements for their openings, a criminal background check may be required.

2. What type of jobs are offered by NISA Staffing Solutions?

NISA Staffing offers permanent, temporary and temporary to permanent employment positions with many of our valued clients. Our opportunities include a wide variety of skill sets that increase your chances of gainful employment.

3. Is there a fee to apply?

NISA Staffing never charges a fee to apply for a position for one of our valued clients. We only ask for your commitment to excellence when placed at one of our client companies.

4. How will I receive my paycheck?

NISA Staffing will deliver funds via Direct Deposit only to the financial institution that was submitted during the hiring process at one of our branches.

5. Is a temporary service the right option for me?

NISA Staffing works with many hiring managers at small, medium and large businesses across the country. As an employee of NISA Staffing, you will gain new skill sets, meet new mentors and build your resume with no cost to you to make yourself more Marketable.

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