Non-Clinical Healthcare

Full-Service Solutions


At NISA Staffing one of the most critical Healthcare positions that needs staffing support is the Environmental Services/housekeeping department. You always need to keep Discharge Turn times low, keep your emergency department staffed with the required number of cleaning staff and clean occupied patient rooms consistently. NISA Staffing can help. Improve Throughput in critical care areas, like the emergency department, reduce wait times and improve patient satisfaction. 

  • Discharge Teams
  • Patient area cleaners
  • Floor Tech’s
  • Emergency Department Staff



Patient Transporter

Patient transporters play a vital role in the smooth functioning of a healthcare facility by ensuring that patients are moved safely and efficiently. This role requires a combination of physical fitness, empathy, and adherence to medical protocols. Training and orientation are provided to ensure that transporters are familiar with proper techniques and hospital procedures. If you are in need of Patient Transporters Contact us

Food Service Workers

At NISA Staffing We work with Hospital food and nutrition departments, hotels, resorts, restaurants, event spaces, banquet halls and catering companies to find, and recruit kitchen staff, servers, and other personnel.

  • Cooks
  • Dishwashers
  • Food Assembly Workers
  • Tray Line workers
  • Wait Staff